Sunday, 26 July 2015

Walking About

I hate running. I am so bad at it and I just can never do it which makes me feel like such a failure so I try to avoid it at all costs. I also think I'm allergic to it, but thats a whole other story. However I still like to try and keep fit and healthy. In attempt to achieve this I have turned to going for walks. I'm quite surprised with how much I am enjoying going for walks. 

I started off just going around the block and neighbourhood and soon ventured out to the local bike tracks. These are all very nice and have good pavement to walk on with nice scenery. But I recently found the best one of all. I have never really felt inclined to walk on this particular bike track as I didn't think it would be overly nice since it was just near the airport so I assumed thats all you would be able to see. Oh was I so wrong. It is true that it is near the airport but it also goes along side a small creek and is considered a mini wetland apparently. 

There is so much greenery and nature around all along the track and I absolutely love walking about with my music in and just breathing the fresh air and clearing my mind of all worries. I find it incredibly therapeutic and I get to keep fit at the same time! I go for quite long walks, generally about 8Km because I'm loving it so much. 

So you're probably wondering what the point of this post is? It is pretty much just to share some pictures I have taken along the track and to encourage you guys to get out and get moving. You never know what might be just around the corner from you that you're just going to fall absolutely in love with! Also never assume something will be as boring as you think as you will often be pleasantly surprised! There is a whole beautiful world out there.

I also found some weird exercise equipment that I just had to take a picture of as it was so strange!

Thanks for reading if you did!

Jasmin :)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Mini Priceline Haul

Yesterday I was at the shops a decided to quickly pop into priceline. I wasn't looking for anything in particular and didn't intend buying anything but ended up purchasing three new items. I know this isn't much hence the 'mini haul' but I am poor and can't afford much anyway haha. But I thought I would share my purchases with you guys! I might also do some reviews of the products later on after I've used them and formed opinions!

Simple - Micellar Cleansing Water
This product is great because not only does it clean your face but it also removes makeup at the same time. I have heard great things about this product and wanted to try it out as it is quick and easy to use. Which is exactly what I need for mornings when I slept in (which is every morning) and need to wash my face but don't have the time. 

St. Ives - Even & Bright
I have been using the St Ives Apricot scrub for quite a while now and I love it but I have been wanting to try and different exfoliating face wash. So when I was at price line I took a look around but they didn't really have many so I thought I would just get the same scrub again. But then I noticed this particular one and decided to try it out as it seemed appealing to me. It claims to polish away little imperfections, which I have many currently for some reason, and to leave skin brighter and visibly even toned, so I thought it would be great to try as my skin is a little unevenly toned and get weird red splotches on my cheeks sometimes. I'm incredibly excited to try this! 

Essence Eyeshadow - Strawberry Ice Cream
This one was an impulse buy as I was walking past the discount section and spotted this. I have been looking for an eyeshadow that is a little pinky/rose gold but have been unsuccessful so far. But this one looks like it might do it. Although it may be really bad quality as it was only $2.50! But I thought I may as well try it out anyway since I do really like the colour! 

Thanks for reading if you did! I hope you enjoyed!

Jasmin :)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

What Have I Been up to Lately?

So it appears that over the past few months my blog has been a little neglected. This has not been due to a lack of post ideas, as I have many, but to my busy busy life getting in the way all the time. Some of you may know that I am currently studying full time at university as well as working part time and I also happen to be an elite rhythmic gymnast. All these added together take up pretty much all of my time leaving none to relax and be myself let alone write blog posts. However my friends still believe I have enough time to go out and see them all the time haha so clearly I'm quite busy. But I have just begun my mid year holidays and have told myself that I will start blogging more! 

So I thought I would just write this quick blog post as a bit of an update as to what I have been up to just to get started up again!

As for university I have just finished all my exams and am currently on holidays for a few weeks. I have been trying really hard this semester as I need my gpa up a bit to get into post graduate study (apparently I need a distinction average :( kill me now!). Anyway so I've been studying heaps and hopefully it will have paid off! 

I have been also working more than in the past averaging on three shifts a week filling up all the spare time I actually have to work. So that has been a bit of a struggle with time management in terms of uni however I have been enjoying the money!

My gymnastics has been pretty intense this first half of the year as it always is because it was competition season. From about March we have trials to get into the state team all leading up to state championships and then the Australian National Championships which are held in June. I got the pleasure of competing this year as a level ten and in the group divisions. This meant a lot of hard training including working out at home which was really killing me for a bit haha. But they all paid off as even though I had low expectations of how I would do at nationals I did alright. I didn't come last! As I have never really been the best and accept last place often, but not for long as I'm determined to win next year ;) This has a lot to with the whole aim for the moon and then at least you'll land among the stars quote. 

Anyway below are a few snaps from the past few months of what I've been doing! I hope you enjoyed this and I look forward to writing more and possibly actual interesting posts soon!

Going out to Lunch with my cousin!

 Out to Rocket with my friends! You can find a post about rocket I recently did here!

Out to dinner which included delicious cocktails!

My sisters formal. She looked absolutely amazing and me not so much haha. 

My long over due hair cut. I also did a post about this which you can find here. 

Training hard all year. One day I will be flat!

Thanks for reading if you did!

Jasmin :)

Monday, 15 June 2015

Time for Change

This has been a long time coming and I was really in need of this change, which was to get my hair cut. I have had long hair for so so many years now that I don't remember it being short and the only proof is in pictures. So the other week I got myself down to my local hairdresser and got them to cut my hair off!

It went from this (Although you can't really see it, sorry didn't have a decent recent picture)

To this!

This was a massive change for me as I was going from having hair down to my bum to only just past my shoulders. And I couldn't be happier about it! Not that I don't miss my long hair but it had just been that way for so long and it was quite hard to manage and now I can even brush my hair!

This haircut has made me feel fresh, clean and rejuvenated just like going on holiday! Which is exactly what I need right now coming into exam period as well as some pretty big changes happening in my life currently. 

I just felt like my hair was weighing me down a bit and I just had to let go of it, if that makes any sense at all! Anyway I'm sure you guys have had enough of me going on about my hair and how it links to my emotional side haha. But if you're looking for a change why not try a hair cut! Remember it will always grow back!

Thanks for reading if you did!


Monday, 8 June 2015

Favourite Local Spot

Recently I have been swimming in uni work and revision and it has really made me miss holidays and relaxing. So the other day I was reminiscing on my holidays and remembered about one of my favourite local spots to hang out with friends with. Which is a bar/club called Rocket Bar and Rooftop and I felt like writing a little post about it as a way to escape work and relax for a bit.

Rocket is open from 9pm-5am Wednesday-Saturday and 6pm-5am Sundays. So there is plenty of time to party all night long! It consists of 2 stories with the first being an indoor area with a bar, seats and a dance floor plus a section a bit away from the dance floor with lots of comfortable seats where you can sit and talk. Here is where a DJ will usually play their music however it's not all super clubby/dubstep music and some of it is pretty decent with a few old songs which is great fun to sing along to!

Then the best part of Rocket is the rooftop. This is an outdoor open area with a bar and quite often live music playing. There is quite a relaxed atmosphere about this place which I absolutely love. They often have live music playing too, especially on weekends as long as it's not raining as thats no fun! But what I love about this is that most of the live music is local bands who are just starting off and might not be big yet but are starting to get out there and get recognised. 

Picture credit to Rocket Rooftop facebook page

I just love supporting this as they are just creative people trying to do what they love. Which I think is incredibly important to support anyone in this as we should all be happy with what we are doing and where our lives are taking us. Another great thing about the rooftop is that this is where I was introduced to cucumber water and boy am I glad that ever happened. If you have not tried cucumber water, then you should haha.

Now I'm aware that Rocket is based in Adelaide, Australia and that pretty much all of my readers are not from here meaning you can't visit unless you travel most likely internationally. However I do know of a site called Eventbrite which is great for finding local fun things to do and places to go. Their website shows you all the local events of all sorts that are coming up near you! 

You can find their website here and browse until you find something cool to do or somewhere cool to go and what better time to do things than Summer which is right around the corner for half the world! Not only does Eventbrite allow you to find events but you can also create an event page if you are hosting an event soon. They have an event management page which I will link here as well as a ticket selling page which is linked here, incase your event is a bit bigger and you are charging for tickets! I think it's pretty cool and you should all check it out!

Thanks for reading if you did! Sorry for the dodgy pictures! And I hope you have a great Summer full new and exciting events!

Jasmin :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Experience Los Angeles

I would like to start by apologising for the million photos but I just couldn't choose and wanted to share them all haha. But some of you may know from previous posts (I know they were forever ago I've been incredibly busy!) that I went to America in January to compete in some rhythmic gymnastic competitions. So the following are our adventures in LA. 

So as you can see in the above picture (actually most pictures) the weather was pretty great the majority of the time. This was from the rooftop just of the neighbourhood. 

We were staying down near Venice beach where we could walk to the beach in no time at all which meant a few beach adventures. 

On our first day we decided to walk from Venice beach to Santa Monica Pier which took so long but it was a great walk with cool scenery. 

On the way to Santa Monica we stopped off at muscle beach. This was so cool and as gymnasts we wanted to try and do everything but it was a bit intimidating with all the people so we just did a few things. 

Some of the guys there were actually crazy talented and super entertaining to watch them swing all about the place while flipping!

We decided to climb on the rings to do some tricks but it was a lot harder to get up than expected.

It was really hard! You can see that I have mastered it but my friend hasn't quite haha but they are actually quite high off the ground!

But eventually we managed to get up and do our tricks which was cool but slightly difficult as we didn't want to split our jeans!

It was such a nice walk!

The gang!

Eventually we ended up at Santa Monica Pier. 

And had to take a picture of course haha. 

On the way back we got to get a picture with the police horses! Everyone was extra nice to us because we are Australian and for some reason that excites everyone haha although all Americans seemed to have such nice manners and were so lovely!

It wasn't all fun and games though as it was a pretty serious competition being the largest multi level competition in the world. This is after some of the sessions of competition. 

There were some of the best gymnasts in the world at this competition which I got the pleasure of watching. This is a photo of us trying to get a selfie with Victoria Mazur from Ukraine. She was my favourite.

This is when we actually managed to get a picture with her!

And this is another famous gymnast in the gymnastic world from Belarus called Melitina and I'm not going to attempt her last name!

After all the competitions we were lucky enough to get to go to Disney Land! So above and below are some snaps from our day there where it unfortunately rained :( But you can see more about my day in my previous post here

And on our last day we pretended to be rich and explore Beverly Hills and Hollywood. 

This is the closest we could get to the hollywood sign but you can't leave without a picture of the hollywood sign! Or a selfie... hahaha

Too sunny for me hehe

Palm trees everywhere! 

And after a long trip we were all exhausted and ready for home! I miss it so much now though, just want to go back! 

Hope you enjoyed this! Also if you did then you might also like my post about Las Vegas which we went to before LA and that can be found here. 

Thanks for reading if you did! 

Jasmin :)